Comforter Sets Bring Heaven to Your Home

For the ultimate in relaxation, be sure to include comforter sets on your bed. Whether sleeping through the night or lazing through the day, quality bedding ensures enjoyment. What are the features that make a set stand above the crowd?

Get the Correct Size

Choose a comforter that fits properly on your mattress. Too big and it will bunch and not lay comfortably. Too small and you won’t have adequate coverage. Look for a size that matches your mattress to provide the most luxury. Make sure any pillows also fit your bed.

Look at the fill count as well to get the best comforter. Don’t settle for anything less than 550 fill counts, but consider the added benefit of counts up to 800. More bulk means more fill which will result in a softer comforter. Fill is also measured in weight. Choose something that has a low weight, but still maintains a high fill count. This will feel better on your bed, but still keep you warm and cozy.

Choose the Filling

Down filled comforters are still the most popular. This filling will provide plenty of warmth in winter and offers a cool covering in summer. It’s perfect all year round. There are both goose and duck feather down comforters on the market. Alternatives are also available for those with allergies or other tastes and may cost less. The higher price tag for goose or duck down comforters will ensure a better night’s sleep, so think before opting for the others.

Down comforters have the unique ability to actually absorb the warmth from your bed and hold it in between the feathers and the fabric. This provides a covering that is the perfect temperature, but should be kept dry as much as possible.

Comforter Sets Deliver the Whole Package

Not just a comforter, sets will give you perfect pillows for the bed as well. Some come with shams or covers as well. Put your head at ease and keep your body warm with a complete set. Quality sets have a high thread count and top notch materials. Look for white cotton that is hypoallergenic and clean. If you’re looking to add patterns or colors (or both) covers can be bought or made to match any decor.